Etola Group

Etola Group consists of companies that co-operatively import, manufacture, and market industrial products. Selling of industrial products started in 1956.

The company’s traditional branches have been hydraulics, fasteners, seals, industrial rubbers and plastics, tapes and wire products, bearings and and safety products. These days our delivery program also includes bearings and power transmission equipment, tools, grinding and welding equipment, estate maintenance equipment, and electronic components. In addition to industrial products, Etola Group’s business also includes retail of home products, selling boating equipment, and delivering materials for the building industry.

Our goal is to connect capabilities and skills from different business areas into a flexible entity, in which the companies can alone or jointly provide the best possible partner alternative for their customer. In standard products we co-operate with big international market leaders while special products are being manufactured by us in Finland which allows flexible deliveries and also increases our knowledge about standardized products. We offer the most comprehensive and versatile collection of industrial products in Finland. Our foothold is especially strong in demanding industrial districts.

In Etola Group, we continuously attempt to develop our service ability through electronic business, management of supply chain, shelving services, and a comprehensive service concept.

Industrial products
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