Industrial Products and Supplies


Etra Oy is a Finnish specialised technology company, offering its customers a wide range of industrial products and services.

Pameto’s range of products includes DIN/ISO compliant standard items, as well as tailored speciality products manufactured in accordance with our customers’ drawings.




Nestepaine is a reliable and flexible supplier of hydraulic components, supplies and systems since 1973.

Hytaflex Oy is a hydraulic equipment importer, which represents leading European, American and Japanese hydraulic flow line components.


Seals and gaskets for machinery and equipment

Seals for processing industry

Tiivistekeskus is a specialised supplier of seals and gaskets for machinery and equipment. Our product range includes i.a. seals for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, axle seals, O-rings, V-seals and safety caps.
Tiivistetekniikka Oy has over 40 years of experience in supplying seals for the processing industry. We have developed sealing solutions for the most challenging industrial applications.



Euro-Kumi Oy, a company founded in 1992, is a professional supplier of rubber products.
Foiltek Oy is a importer and wholesaler of plastic sheets, plastic films, plastic processing equipment and press foils.

Electronic components

Building Supplies

ETRA Electronics is focussed on importing of electrical and electronic products, which are sold to the electronics and electrical industry.
Meltex Oy is a company specialising on manufacturing, importing and selling of building supplies.


Boat Supplies

Home Products

Maritim is mostly a wholesale business handling exclusively boating supplies. Our range of products includes about 23 000 different items. In addition to B2B sales, Maritim is also servicing individual customers at its MaritimShops situated at Lauttasaari.

In addition to traditional selection of rubber and plastic products Etola offers a wide range of trendy carefully selected interior decoration products and accessories as well as various gifts items. The company’s range of products for children includes rainwear and rubber boots, as well as toys and costumes.